About Us

Hemp Trading Post is an accumulation of a long time idea finally coming to fruition. We love hemp and realized there needed to be a one stop shop for all types of hemp products. We created this site to allow you to buy and sell hemp products in an open online marketplace. Instead of having to sort out, research and find each type of individual hemp product you are looking for we decided to create a place that has all the different types of hemp products you are looking for under one roof. Because of hemp’s unique versatility to be made into just about anything, you will find anything from hemp twine, clothing, rope, paper, seed, oil, protein powder, soaps, lotions, plastic composite blends, fiber, raw material, etc…the list goes on and on.
We also have open forums to discuss hemp ideas, brands, growing hemp, hemp legislature and anything else with like minded hemp enthusiasts, business people and researchers.

If you would like to sell your hemp products, you can apply to be a vendor on our site! You’ll get your own store to list your products. Listing products is easy, after approval it only takes minutes to get started. After that you can list products in a matter of minutes. Fast, easy, safe and secure.

For the first 100 people to signup and add one product to sell on the Hemp Trading Post marketplace we are giving away a free Hemp Trading Post tote bag, shipped to you for free. Additionally the first 100 vendors to signup and add a product will receive 0% commission for the first month free. This means you will keep 100% of your sale.